Chancellor's curiculum Vitae

Educational Background

  • March, 1960 B.A. in British and American Literature, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Tokyo Woman's University (Japan)
  • April, 1960 Entered Department of British and American Literature,
    Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Municipal University (Japan)
  • September, 1961 Entered Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Yale University (U.S.A.)
  • June, 1963 M.A. in American Studies Sciences, Yale University (U.S.A.)
  • June, 1970 Ph.D. in American Studies, Yale University (U.S.A.)


  • September, 1970- Assistant Professor, Department of English, Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY (U.S.A.).
    Courses taught: American Literature, Modern British and American Literature, Theories of Literature, Theories of Criticism
  • September, 1971- Assistant Professor, Department of English, Scripps College, Claremont, CA (U.S.A.).
    Courses taught: American Literature, Modern British and American Literature, Comparative Literature, Theories of Literary Criticism
  • September, 1974- Associate Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (U.S.A.).
    Courses taught: Comparative Literature, American Literature, Theories of Criticism, Romanticism, Theories of the Novel, Japanese Literature, Theories of Japanese Culture, World Literature, Women’s Studies, Graduate Seminar in Comparative Literature, Graduate Seminar in Women’s Studies
  • 1986 - 2004 Josai University Educational Corporation: Vice-Chancellor
  • 1992 - present Josai International University: Professor, Faculty of Humanities
  • 1996 - 2009 Josai International University: President
  • 2004 - present Josai University Educational Corporation: Chancellor


  • May, 2011 The Pro Cultura Hungarica Prize
  • November, 2013 Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary (Civil List)
  • December, 2013 Cikada Prize for Poetry, presented by the Embassy of Sweden
  • March, 2016 Silver Grade Pro Universitate Award (from Semmelweis University)
  • May, 2016 UCR Medallion (From University of California, Riverside)

Honorary Titles

  • December, 2007 China: South China Normal University: Professor Honoris Causa
  • September, 2010 Korea: Dongseo University: Doctor Honoris Causa
  • June, 2011 Republic of Hungary: Szent István University: Doctor Honoris Causa
  • September, 2012 China: Northeastern University: Professor Honoris Causa
  • November, 2012 Hungary: Budapest Business School: Professor Honoris Causa
  • May, 2013 China: Dalian University of Technology: Professor Honoris Causa
  • September, 2013 China: Shenyang Normal University: Professor Honoris Causa
  • February, 2014 Korea: Konyang University: Doctor Honoris Causa
  • April, 2014 China: City University of Hong Kong: Professor Honoris Causa
    (To March, 2017)
  • September, 2014 China: Yanbian University: Professor Honoris Causa
  • January, 2015 Malaysia: Management and Science University: Doctor Honoris Causa
  • August, 2015 Korea: Konyang University: Doctor Honoris Causa

Academic Associations and Other Organizations

  • 1977 Member, inauguration committee for the journal Feminist
  • 1979 Member, establishment committee for the Women's Studies Association of Japan
  • 1989 - Councilor, The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature
  • May, 2007- Auditor, the Poe Society
  • February, 2008- Vice President, Chiba Prefecture Gender Equality Promotion Liaison
  • January, 2010- Member, assessment committee for Sanmu Medical Center Member, assessment committee for Togane-Kujukuri Medical Center
  • April, 2010- Director, Chiba Prefecture Museums Association Public Relations Committee
  • March, 2013- Councilor, Prince Takamado Memorial Foundation for Japan-Korea Exchange
  • April, 2013- Special Advisor, Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints
  • September, 2013- Chair, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    “Committee to Consider Ways to Empower Women”
  • February, 2014- President, Japan-Sweden Society
  • November, 2014- Selection Committee Member: Gendai Shijinm Award
  • November, 2014- Vice-President, Japan-Hungary Friendship Association
  • May, 2015- Overseas Director, Dalian Foreign Friendly Association
  • July, 2016- The Friends of Ireland Group member

Professional Memberships

  • The Japan Comparative Literature Association
  • The Japanese Association for American Studies
  • The English Literary Society of Japan
  • The Modern Language Association of America
  • The Association for Asian Studies: Executive Committee Member of Women's Studies in Asia
  • The Comparative Literature Association of America
  • The Poe Society
  • The International Comparative Literature Association
  • The Women's Studies Association of Japan
  • The American Literature Society of Japan
  • The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature (Councilor)
  • The Japan P.E.N. Club
  • The Japan Writers’ Association
  • The Japan-Sweden Society (President)
  • The Japan Poets Association

Noriko Mizuta Ph.D.