Achievements and Contributions of Honorary Chancellor Seiko Mizuta

Seiko Mizuta became Chancellor following the death in 1976 of the first Chancellor and President, Mikio Mizuta who founded Josai University Educational Corporation, then serving in an advisory role as Honorary Chancellor following her retirement in May 2004.

For 30 years until his death in 1976, with the energy vital for the wife of a Cabinet minister, she had supported Mikio Mizuta, who had been elected to the House of Representatives in the first general election after the end of the Second World War. During the next 27 years in her capacity as Chancellor, she developed the university by carrying out the wishes of the founder.

Her first major undertaking as Chancellor was the establishment of Josai Junior College for Women in 1983. This initiative anticipated a time when women were expected to be valuable players supporting society and the economy. Her second major undertaking was the establishment of Josai International University in 1992.

In anticipation of the arrival of a competitive society based on global standards, the goal was to cultivate human resources with a global outlook, and to cultivate human resources capable of contributing to the community. Both these goals were progressive and represented significant challenges in response to social demand.

Other achievements included the expansion of faculties and departments, the establishment of a graduate school, the restoration and conservation in 2002 of the house where founder Mikio Mizuta was born, the establishment in 2005 of Tokyo Kioicho Campus, and in 2006 of the new Awa Campus in Kamogawa, the birthplace of Mikio Mizuta. Embracing both academics and sport, she strengthened club activities while also expanding university facilities, worked to enhance educational and research capabilities by setting up centers, created international campuses through promotional tie-ups with our sister universities abroad, and developed an environment where students aiming to compete in the Hakone Ekiden could train.

In her role as Chancellor, she implemented sound and assured university management and financial administration, which formed the basis for the development of Josai University and Josai International University into the institutions they are today.

The Honorary Chancellor was also a renowned haiku poet, and an honorary member of the Association of Haiku Poets. Mentored by Fusei Tomiyasu when she was young, she later studied under Itto Katsumata and Hitomi Okamoto. For many years, she gave instruction in haiku to the Togane Haiku Association at Josai International University. She has published five collections of haiku poems in total: the first in 1978 Hakucho; the second on November 1st, 1988 Komazutsumi, the third on November 15th Tsuwabuki no hana, the fourth in 1997 Awayama , and the fifth in June 2010 Kujukuri.