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Review of Japanese Culture and Society 第29号が刊行されました

Review of Japanese Culture and Society 29号が刊行されました

Reading Sōseki Now
Reiko Abe Auestad,
Alan Tansman,
and J. Keith Vincent

Editors’ Introduction: Sōseki Great and Small
Tawada Yōko

What Sort of a Stone Was Sōseki?
How to Become Who You Are Not
(translated by J. Keith Vincent)

Brian Hurley

Kokoro and the Economic Imagination

Reiko Abe Auestad

The Affect that Disorients Kokoro

Ken K. Ito

Kokoro in the High School Textbook

Robert Tuck

Doubled Visions of Desire: Fujimura Misao, Kusamakura, and Homosocial Nostalgia

Sayumi Takahashi Harb

Penning the Mad Man in the Attic: Queerness, Women Writers, and Race in Sōseki’s Sanshirō

Angela Yiu

Beach Boys in Manchuria: An Examination of Sōseki’s Here and There in Manchuria and Korea, 1909

Natsume Sōseki

The Relations Between Things and Three Types of People
A lecture sponsored by the Manshū Nichinichi Shimbun, September 12, 1909, in Dalian
(translated by Angela Yiu)

Andre Haag

“Why Was He…Well, Killed?”
Natsume Sōseki, Empire, and the Open Secrets of Anticolonial Violence

Natsume Sōseki

Impressions of Korea and Manchuria (1909) (translated by Andre Haag)

Pedro Thiago Ramos

Judging a Book by Its Cover: Natsume Sōseki, Book Design, and the Value of Art

Karatani Kōjin

Death and Poetry: From Shiki to Sōseki (1992) (translated by Robert Tuck)

Komori Yōichi

From Postcolonial (2001) (translated by Andre Haag and Robert Tierney)

Miyazaki Kasumi

Camellias and Vampires: Reading the Spermatic Economy in Natsume Sōseki’s And Then (2008)
(translated by Kristin Sivak)

Art in Focus
Matsuzawa Yutaka’s The Whole Works, 1961–1971
Reiko Tomii,
Section Editor

Matsuzawa Yutaka The Whole Works, 961--71 (translated by Reiko Tomii)

Design in Focus
Ignacio Adriasola,
Section Editor
Design in Japan: Contemporary Perspectives on Design Practice

  Interview with Sugiura Kōhei (2013) (translated by Mycah Braxton)

  Report: From “Do It Yourself” to “Do It With Others” to “Do It For Others”
--Can Fashion Be Renewed? Forum (2012) (translated by Yoonkyung Kim)

  The Smart Design Award: The Always
Convenient × Always Prepared Series (2012) (translated by Mycah Braxton)

Kakei Yūsuke The Essence of Social Design (2013) (translated by Elsa Chanez)

Yamada Bimyō Butterfly (1889) (translated by Nicholas Albertson)

  On the Contributors

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