Message From the Chancellor

Message from the Chancellor

Founded in 1965 by Mizuta Mikio, Josai University Educational Corporation has grown into a university system with multiple campuses located across the Kanto region, including the communities of Sakado in Saitama, Togane and Kamogawa in Chiba, and Kioi-cho in Tokyo.

My grandfather-in-law, Shōkichi Uehara , as well as my father, Shōzō Hotta, both described Mr. Mizuta as a modest, warmhearted soul always ready to listen to others and aware of how crucial it was for education to equip future generations with the fortitude to lead Japan into the future. I am committed to keeping Mr. Mizuta's founding spirit alive and doing my part to aid the continued advancement of our university system.

Modern trends have thrust our world into an era of sweeping social change. Breathtaking technological strides in fields from transportation and logistics to the sciences and medicine have been accompanied by globalization, declining birthrates with advanced demographic aging, and the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). As conventional wisdom continues to lose currency, universities have an essential duty to impart knowledge and wisdom that enables students to survive and thrive in the coming age.

Given this reality, what should students study, and how should they prepare themselves for the leap into a new society once they graduate? First and foremost, it is vital that they assimilate the fundamentals of learning, and second, develop an awareness that encourages them to ask the question "why." Absent that awareness, reforms, improvements, and innovations will not be forthcoming. A third imperative is that students open their minds and be receptive to the wealth of knowledge they can glean from their forerunners and others. I further believe it crucially important that students be able to develop and test hypotheses for the solution of problems and leverage their findings as seeds for their own personal growth.

What people learn and experience during their university years is priceless and can have a huge impact on their future lives. When I was young, I had an opportunity to take leave from my university and study abroad, in the United States. That experience brought me face-to-face with a diverse mix of ethnic groups, languages, religions, and cultures and accordingly awakened me to the importance of having a flexible point of view about things. Following graduation, I joined NEC Corporation, where I was given opportunities to participate in an international project involving the launch of a communications satellite and later, the transfer of computer technologies from the US. Even in these professional projects, my experiences from my university years proved to be useful in helping me fulfill my role. I accordingly want all students enrolled in Josai University to have deeply meaningful experiences that nurture broader perspectives and insights.

Josai University, Josai Junior College, and Josai International University are committed to upholding their founding history and traditions and together cultivating future generations with the capacity for service at the local community level and success on the international stage. To that end, I respectfully request your continued understanding and support.

April 2019

Akira Uehara, Chancellor
Josai University

Josai University
Educational Corporation
Chancellor Akira Uehara