Josai University Educational Corporation

Oishi Fossils Gallery of Mizuta Memorial Museum

Active Learning at the Fossils Gallery on Kioicho Campus

The fossil gallery has been opened in the new building of JIU Tokyo Kioicho Campus since April 2013. The inaugural exhibition titled “The Life on the Earth 100 Million Years Ago” provides the visitors an opportunity to think about the Earth in the Cretaceous. The exhibition consists over 80 fossils with the exhibition panels and the video. The gallery is open 11:00~17:00, admission free, and closed on Monday and holidays.
  From August 26 to 31, the gallery held a workshop mainly for elementary school children and junior high school students. 78 students participated to the workshop.
  The program had four sections as follows: “100 million years stamp rally” asked participants to walk around a new building throughout 1000 meters to collect a series of stamps showing the ancient animals at 14 spots. Upon a completion of “travel” to the Cretaceous period a curator of the gallery gave an guided tour for the collections. The highlight of the event was “Excavating a fossil in central Tokyo.” The participants challenged to break a rock with a hammer to find a fossil. The fossils are 450 million years old. The final section was “Taxonomy of Ammonites.” People observed 8 ammonites with a loupe and divide them into 4 pairs. You must have rational reasons of your way of dividing a group of fossils into pairs. This workshop is still available upon reservation at the gallery (03-6238-1031).
  The gallery also offers the gallery talk with guest speakers. The next talk will be held soon. Further details will be informed by flyers and website.

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