Josai University Educational Corporation

international exchange activities

Josai International Education Center


The Josai International Education Center has signed agreements with a number of universities in various countries and serves as a base to broaden and deepen educational programs such as studying abroad or teacher exchange, and as a base for overseas training and internship projects. It further holds international symposia, issues an English language magazine, representing the students' international viewpoint and ability to understand different cultures forming a global network. The center aims at raising high-level internationally-minded people, who are able to consider things from a broad perspective and who are able to act positively in order to solve problems.

List of Sister Schools and Partner Schools


We have sister school arrangements with as many as 20 overseas universities, and every year, we add new sister schools.
With our twin universities, which are spreading all over the world and we deepen our exchange through various programs such as student and teacher exchange or seminars.

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