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Delegates from the Guangdong Province Government pay a visit on Chancellor Mizuta”

On April 10th 2009, Mr. Fu Lang, Head of the seven member delegation appointed by the Guangdong Province Foreign Affairs director, and a reporter from the Nanfang Daily News came to the Kioicho Campus in Tokyo to visit Chancellor MIZUTA Noriko.

The purpose of their visit to Japan was to examine the economic systems and mechanisms, the state of environmental conservation, and to observe the cooperating branches of city, prefecture and metropolitan governments of the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Josai University Educational Corporation and Guangdong Province have developed exchanges with very congenial and friendly feeling through the pursuit of academic exchanges with the universities of Guangdong. These exchanges grew after the visit of the previous chair of the Guangdong Provincial Government Delegation, Huang Li-Man and from Chancellor Mizuta’s visit to Guangdong to attend the Japan China Women’s Conference at South China Normal University in December of 2007.

In her opening remarks, Chancellor Mizuta expressed her gratitude for the continued support Guangdong Province has provided in the development of a variety of exchanges pursuing joint research and large projects with other universities there after having already established a joint research center with Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong.

Chairman Fu said that although this was the first time visiting Josai University he had already heard much about Josai from friends here and there. Since Josai University has the most exchange programs with Guangdong, he added, he would give as much support as he could from now on.

Chancellor Mizuta’s Greeting

Chancellor Mizuta’s Greeting

Chairman Chuan’s Greeting

Chairman Fu’s Greeting

Commemorative Photo of the Visit

Commemorative Photo of the Visit

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