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Academic Exchange Agreement and Joint Program Concluded with Xi'an International Studies University

Chancellor Mizuta Noriko and Xi'an Foreign Language University President Hu Si-She Signing the Agreement

Chancellor Mizuta Noriko and Xi'an International Studies University President Hu Si-She Signing the Agreement

Commemorative Photograph

Commemorative Photograph

On April 20th, Professor Hu Si-She, President of Xi'an International Studies University, and four delegates came to Kioicho Campus in Tokyo where a signing ceremony was held to conclude the academic exchange and joint program agreement between the two universities.

Xi'an International Studies University, established in 1952 and one of oldest foreign language universities in China, has a student body of approximately eighteen thousand students. Furthermore, while making the most of the characteristics of a foreign languages university, with established departments of humanities, economics and management, law, science and education, it is a new form of foreign languages university that seeks the mutual permeation between the departments’ educational contents.

Substantial exchange between the schools already exists, and there are graduates of Xi'an International Studies University among Josai’s graduate students and alumni. Yet through the formal signing on this occasion, an even greater enlargement of exchange is anticipated by establishing a dual degree system in each department as well as joint research at the graduate level.

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