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U.S.─JAPAN WOMEN’S JOURNAL Number 35 has been published

Introduction Mamiko Suzuki

Between the Public Persona and the Private Narrator:
The Open Space of Kishida Toshiko’s Diaries (1891–1901)
Mamiko Suzuki

Rewriting Chekhov: Translation, Journalism,
and Modern Literature in 1920s Korea
Heekyoung Cho

Fight to Win: Female Bonding and War Propaganda in Yoshiya Nobuko’s The Woman’s Classroom, 1939
Miho Matsugu

Nation, Education, and the Female Teacher: A Reading of Hirano Fumiko’s Record of a Woman Teacher
Mika Endo

Afterword: Reflections on Striking the Empire and on Just When the Empire Strikes Back
Sally A. Hastings

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