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The Josai University JMBA Scholarship Student Award Ceremony Held.

The Josai University JMBA scholarship student award ceremony was held at the Kioicho campus on May 19th.

This scholarship student system was established to provide financial support for exchange students (five annually) from Dalian University of Technology’s College of Management, encouraging their year of study at Josai University’s Graduate School of Business Administration.

Those who attended the award ceremony include Chancellor MIZUTA, the president, the department heads, the graduate school heads and others, to award these scholarships to five exchange students.

Xu Yao, as representative of the five students, made an acceptance speech (see the text below), expressing their determination and enthusiasm for the future. We hope they work hard to reach their goals during the year.

The JMBA program was initiated this February as the result of a agreement between Josai University Educational Corporation and Dalian University of Technology’s School of Management Program establishing a “one plus one” dual degree program. This program allows participating graduate students to get a master’s degree from both Josai University and Dalian University of Technology. It is hoped that those with an interest in Chinese business from Japan as well will participate in this program.



Text of the Acceptance Speech:
To our dearly respected Chancellor Mizuta Noriko and professors.

I am deeply grateful to be awarded with the JMBA Scholarship today. I am very honored to represent the scholarship recipients and deliver this acceptance speech. Let me express my deeply felt gratitude.

A year ago at this time, actually the 22nd of May, we were able to take part in the Mizuta Noriko Scholarship, and “Mukaibo Takashi” memorial Murai Akira Scholarship Award Ceremony as well as the Mizuta Mikio Library Donation Ceremony held at Dalian University of Technology’s International Meeting Center. It was at that time that I first had the opportunity to meet Chancellor Mizuta Noriko. That I am able to meet the Chancellor again today to receive the “JMBA Scholarship” is a very fortunate honor for me.

The JMBA Program is an exchange student program between Josai University’s Graduate School of Business Management and Dalian University of Technology’s Business Management College that seeks to jointly foster business human resources. Anticipating the challenges of the future, it aims at creating global business human resources active at the center of Japan-China relations. I am very excited and proud to be among the first students in this kind of program.

It has been nearly one month since I have arrived at Josai University. With Josai’s first-rate teaching staff and top-class facilities we have been provided an unparalleled learning environment. Furthermore, through academic conferences and other activities, academic exchanges with numerous major Japanese universities are very active.

For each of us, being awarded the JMBA Scholarship is an experience we will never forget. It is something that gives us encouragement. We will by all means make the most of this valuable learning experience, to study hard, strive to actively practice and develop our own abilities.

We intend to refine our selves as the pioneers of the JMBA program so that we will not betray the expectation of our professors. We will never forget the honor of receiving this scholarship. We will do our best so that after one year, we can report what we have learned with confidence.

Lastly, I’d like to express our gratitude to the Chancellor, the President, Counselor Murai, and to all the professors of Josai University. Thank you very much.

Representative of JMBA Scholarship Recipients Xu Yao.

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