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Hungarian Embassy Presents A Special Lecture

On June 4th, a special lecture event was hosted by Erno Bohar, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Hungary’s Embassy and Balint Rei Kosa, Director of the Hungarian Government’s Tourism Board. This event was initiated by the ambassador who was deeply impressed by the fact that Josai University has offered Hungarian language courses as a second foreign language since the 2008 academic year and boasted the largest scale Hungarian program in Japan ever since with over 200 students who completed the courses as of the 2009 academic year. Together with the lectures, live images connecting participants in the auditorium with their fellow students at Budapest Business School, a partner school in academic exchange, also facilitated their exchange. From Josai University there were about 80 students from the Hungarian Language program as well as students scheduled to participate in the Contemporary Policy Department’s Hungary study trip. From Josai International University there were also about 80 students who would be joining the Tourism Department’s Hungary study trip. Ambassador Bohar gave a speech in Hungarian, describing the history of cultural exchanges between Japan and Hungary, while Director Kosa spoke about Hungary’s tourism resources. Their lectures were of profound interest to the students from Tourism Department as well as to those studying Hungarian. Along with Ambassador Bohar, Dr. Hidasi Judit, who paid a visit to Josai before in order to foster the student exchange with Budapest Business School, and Zsanett Haraszti, a student enrolled in Josai University’s Graduate School on the sponsorship by the Hungarian government, also attended the event. The hospitable exchanges of self-introductions and the questions by students from both schools allowed all the participants to get to know Hungary even closer.

Live Images from Budapest Business School

Talking with Students from Budapest Business School

Special Lecture by Ambassador BoharAmbassador Bohar’s Lecture

Director Kosa’s Lecture

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