Josai University Educational Corporation


A Visit to the Dalian Maritime University of China

On June 2nd, Chancellor Mizuta Noriko on behalf of the Josai University Educational Corporation made a visit upon representatives from Dalian Maritime University of China, with which an agreement had been concluded in June of last year.

She received a warm welcome and conducted relaxed and friendly discussions with President Wang Zu Wen, Luo Wei Hua president of the foreign languages institute, and Li Yan Kun, head of the Japanese department of the foreign languages institute, as well as those in charge of international exchange.

In these friendly discussions, it was agreed that they would enter into concrete discussions about exchanges, research and student exchanges at the graduate level built upon each other’s distinct features like the field of “maritime tourism.”

Meeting with Secretary Zhang at Dalian University of Technology, China.

With Wang Zu Wen, President of Dalian Maritime University.

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