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Visit from Istvan Hiller, Minister of Education and Culture, Republic of Hungary

On September 17th, Istvan Hiller, Minister of Education and Culture for the Republic of Hungary, paid a visit to the Kioicho campus and had friendly discussions with Professor Morimoto, President of Josai University, and many other professors as well as with students studying the Hungarian language.

The student participants consisted of 10 students that would join Josai University’s Contemporary Policy Department’s scheduled study trip to Hungary, and Zsanett Haraszti, a student enrolled in Josai University’s Graduate School on the sponsorship of the Hungarian government. The students and the Minister conversed about such topics as the movies and the fashion of Hungarian youth in a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Josai University continues to foster strong cultural exchanges with Hungary, having established a course in Hungarian language as a second foreign language since the 2008 academic year, as well as having conducted short study trips to Hungary through the Tourism Department of Josai International University and the Contemporary Policy Department of Josai University for the past three years. The Minister expressed words of gratitude for the academic and cultural exchanges promoted by Josai University Educational Corporation.

Minister Hiller with Hungarian Language StudentsMinister Hiller with Hungarian Language Students

Minister Hiller with the ProfessorsMinister Hiller with the Professors

A Friendly Chat with the Students.A Friendly Chat with the Students.

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