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Symposium: Policy dialogue by young people

“Policy Dialogue by Young People” was held at Kioicho Campus’ B1 Hall on Saturday, June 26. Hosted by Brand New Japan (BNJ), a network of policy groups of young people, and co-sponsored by ivote, a students’ group, and the Policy Process Institute, an NPO, and supported by Josai International University Graduate School of Humanities Mizuta Graduate School of International Administration, this symposium aimed to discuss how young people should participate in the development of policies and what they should offer to a future society at a time when the House of Councilors’ election was soon to be held.

Mr. Tatsuya Ito, former member of the House of Representatives and Minister of State for Financial Services, Mr. Shigeyuki Jo, author of “Why do young people quit after three years?” and Mr. Shiro Tazaki, a Jiji Press news commentator, who has close relations with past prime ministers and is a frequent media guest, have been invited as guests and panelists, and three students respectively from the University of Tokyo, Chiba University, and JIU participated in the discussion as student representatives. The student who represented JIU was Mr. Kazuya Hatakeyama, an International Administration major.

About 100 young students, members of society and persons involved in the development of policies, who are interested in policy proposals, visited the venue and had the heated discussion with panelists regarding how they should work to change the political climate as a young generation based on their own experience. Mr. Takahiro Suzuki, visiting professor at the Mizuta Graduate School of International Administration and BNJ Director, also took part in the discussion.

Students in discussion

Students in discussion

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