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Ms. Yu Tao, Vice Secretary-General, and other members of Dalian Municipal People’s Government, paid a visit to Chancellor MIZUTA

A group of six, including Ms. Yu Tao, Vice Secretary-General of Dalian Municipal People’s Government, paid a visit to Chancellor MIZUTA at Kioicho Campus on June 28, 2010. Besides Vice Secretary-General Yu, the group consisted of those involved in medical services and hospitals, including Deputy Director of Dalian Bureau of Public Health, Director of Dalian Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, Director of Dalian Children’s Hospital, and Director of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Dalian University.

In her welcoming speech, Chancellor MIZUTA said, “I met Ms. Yu when I visited Dalian on business last month. I am newly aware of the huge support provided by the City of Dalian and pleased to become acquainted with the leaders of major hospitals in Dalian.”

Vice Secretary-General Yu then made a speech. She said, “This is only the second time for me to see Chancellor MIZUTA, but I already feel like she is my long time acquaintance. The City Government intends to work for the progress of exchange between the City of Dalian and Josai University.”

Both Josai University and Josai International University have the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and moreover, Josai International University has the Faculty of Social Work Studies, and therefore, a discussion was made with the visiting group members in their areas of expertise such as research in medical herbs in which JIU has been working. Moreover, interesting discussion, which included the viewpoint of women’s studies, on differences between the Japanese and Chinese medical systems, issue of nursing care, and issues of women concerning pregnancy and childbirth, took place and the participants agreed to promote research through symposiums in the future.

Visiting members of the Dalian People’s Government

Visiting members of the Dalian People’s Government

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