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Youko Mori Exhibition- Children’s Dream

An exhibition featuring the works of Prof. Yoko Mori, Assistant Professor at Josai International University Faculty of Social Work Studies, who is also an author of children’s books as well, was held between July 6 and 24 at Josai International University's Mizuta Museum of Art. Fifty one of her works, including 10 original illustrations drawn for the anthology by Chancellor MIZUTA titled “A Summer Vacation at Santa Barbara,” were exhibited.

About 150 local citizens and members of the press gathered at the opening ceremony for the exhibition and Chancellor MIZUTA greeted them, saying, “We are pleased to have Prof. Mori start working at the Faculty of Social Work Studies. This exhibition is held to commemorate her arrival. Togane City has a good environment to raise children. We intend to contribute to the community for children’s good health. Now please enjoy the wonderful works of Prof. Mori.”

Prof. Mori remarked, “I am happy and impressed that such a nice exhibition is being held for me. I am teaching students in the Childcare Course about how to communicate the excitement and pleasure of creating works. I am very pleased today to see so many children visiting this exhibition.”

The exhibition venue made the visitors feel as if they were in a fairyland, as illustrations were displayed in large size. Visitors were very much impressed by the original ideas and style of Prof. Mori’s works drawn delicately with pen and pencil.

Illustration from 'A Summer Vacation at Santa Barbara'

Illustration from 'A Summer Vacation at Santa Barbara'

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