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Youko Mori Exhibition- Children’s Dream

Tan Haiou, Vice President, and Tang Duo pei, Dean of the Department of Art Design, of the Wuyi University in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China, paid a visit to Chancellor MIZUTA at Josai International University Togane Campus on July 6.

Chancellor MIZUTA greeted them, remarking “I hear that Wuyi University is located near the sea and there is a hot spring in the neighborhood. It sounds similar to Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan, where Josai International University’s Department of Wellness & Tourism is located. We are pleased to have closer relations with such a distinguished university.”

Vice President Tan Haiou repied, “Six of our students will study at Josai International University, starting this fall, and we ask you to help and support them. Let us further increase exchanges between the two universities in the future.”

Vice President Tan and Dean Tang visited Kioicho and Makuhari Campus in addition to Togane between July 5 and 6.

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