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Josai Announces a New Series of Workshops on Experiencing Japanese Culture

September 2010, roughly 450 exchange students were enrolled at Josai and Josai International Universities. Josai has thus taken this opportunity to introduce a new course beginning on November 15, titled “Experiencing Japanese Culture,” directed at exchange students. There will be fourteen lectures in all which will take place every Monday in the first floor basement tearoom of Building 2 as the site of practical learning.

The sessions will focus on understanding traditional Japanese culture through tea ceremony, while also teaching traditional Japanese dress, flower arrangement, and offer guidance in the Japanese language. These workshops will also emphasize rules of etiquette to assist those who plan on seeking employment in Japanese society.

The first session extended a special invitation to all exchange students, garnering 59 participants in all. Under the direction of JIU International Education Center researcher Yoshiko Plutchow, students were able to experience the joy of tea ceremony first-hand and savor the flavor of freshly made green tea.

【Nationalities of Participating Students:】

United States, Korea, Spain, Hungary, Philippines, Finland, France, Taiwan, China, Norway

10 countries and 19 universities represented

Enjoying tea ceremony

Enjoying tea ceremony

Commemorative photo with all the participants

Commemorative photo with all the participants

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