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JICPAS Lectures on “National Innovation: What Can We Learn from Finland?”

On November 24, 2010, Professor Reijo Miettinen of Helsinki University delivered a guest lecture on innovation and national policy at Josai’s Kioicho campus. With graduate students from the Mizuta Graduate School of International Administration as the focal point, more than forty graduate students and other visitors attended the 90 minute long lecture from Professor Miettinen with translation and commentary provided by graduate studies lecturer Yuji Mori of Shizuoka University followed by a Q&A session.

Innovation, an important concept within the current field of business administration, one that has been developed from a variety of different angles and disciplines, business innovation has also been included as part of JIU’s MGSIA and Josai’s Business Administration curriculums where it is a subject of active study and participation. Finland is known as the first nation to incorporate concepts of innovation developed in the realm of commercial progressive technology into national policy for use in education and regional revitalization.

In Professor Miettinen’s lecture, he indicated the importance of an education system that includes integrated learning that incorporates national and industrial innovation as well as policy planning. In addition, he lectured on the irrationality of excluding the socially underprivileged, the second arrival of welfare society, and new methods of analysis used in social psychology, concluding the session by answering questions from the audience.

Interacting with audience during Q&A

Interacting with audience during Q&A

Gathering around Prof. Miettinenで

Gathering around Prof. Miettinen

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