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Josai Holds Its First Annual Japan-China Financial Management Forum: “Where is Chinese Economic Development Headed?”

Josai held its first annual Japan-China Financial Forum entitled “Where is Chinese Economic Development Headed?” at the Tokyo Kioicho campus on December 20. The event was cosponsored by Josai’s Institute of Contemporary Policy and the Josai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science.

The forum commenced with a lecture on “The Present and Future of Dalian’s Financial and Technological Development” from Yushi Chen, Spokesman for the Dalian Bureau of Japanese Finance. Mr. Chen explained Dalian’s history as a site of economic and technological growth en route to becoming a city of 550,000 people complete with not only industrial but educational, sports, and recreational facilities since the program’s inception in 1980. This was followed by an address on “The State of China’s Finance Industry” from Professor Guotai Chi of Dalian University of Science and Technology’s department of Industry and Business Administration, as part of the academic exchange agreement between Dalian University and Josai.

The venue was packed with many based in Dalian and involved with Chinese industry expansion, as well as exchange students from Dalian University. As the venue reached capacity, some students gathered in the hall to watch a live feed of the lecture on the TV set up there. There was a lively Q&A session afterward, engaging the interest of all industry officials involved.

Yushi Chen lectures on Japan-China finance

Yushi Chen lectures on Japan-China finance

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