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Josai Signs Joint Program Agreement with Tianjin Foreign Studies University

On January 24, 2011, President Gang Xiu and Director of Japanese Studies Yunbo Lee of Tianjin Foreign Studies University (TFSU) paid a visit to Chancellor MIZUTA at the Kioi-cho campus.

In accordance with the academic exchange and joint program agreement between the two universities, the purpose of this visit was to request that Chancellor MIZUTA give a keynote address at this year’s International Conference on Japanese Language Education (ICJLE) to be held at TFSU on August 19-21. First, a signing ceremony was held to commemorate the joint program agreement. Chancellor MIZUTA then granted her willing consent to give a keynote speech regarding “Japanese language education for communication with other cultures” before the roughly 2,200 participants who will be on hand for the conference.

According to Wuhan University’s ranking of Chinese institutions, TFSU’s Japanese studies graduate program ranked first among all Japanese language departments, making the Josai-TFSU exchange agreement all the more promising.

Greeting from Dr. Gang Xiu

Greeting from Dr. Gang Xiu

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