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Josai Hosts Award Ceremony for JMBA Scholarship Recipients

On May 17, Josai University hosted an award ceremony for recipients of the JMBA Scholarship on the Sakado campus.

This award is presented annually to five exchange students from Dalian University of Technology’s School of Management to support them for a year of study in Josai’s JMBA program.

At the ceremony, Chancellor Mizuta, along with the university President and undergraduate and graduate department heads were on hand to present the award to the five students.

The exchange student representative Bai Hai Yu, speaking on behalf of the group, gave words of thanks, expressing his enthusiasm and determination to work hard during the upcoming scholarship year.

The JMBA program was originally founded in February 2009 as a “1+1” dual-degree program between Josai Educational Corporation and Dalian University of Industry’s School of Management. As such, participants in this program are able to receive master’s degrees from both Josai and Dalian. We are hoping that Japanese students with an interest in Chinese business will also consider taking part in this program.

JMBA Scholarship Award Ceremony

JMBA Scholarship Award Ceremony

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