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Josai Visits Nyíregyháza University

On June 16, the Josai delegation paid a visit to Nyíregyháza University, located approximately three hours from downtown Budapest. Arriving at the spacious new campus, the delegation was greeted by students from the university who are planning to study abroad at Josai.

In the university conference room, Chancellor MIZUTA expressed her admiration for the way in which exchange students from Nyíregyháza have acclimated to life in Japan and participated in a variety of different activities on campus. She then communicated her desire to expand exchange and joint research programs between the two universities even further. Chancellor Mizuta’s speech was followed by a presentation on Nyíregyháza University from Vice-President Mathe Endre. V.P. Endre explained how, following the establishment of their university departments, Nyíregyháza has, in conjunction with community organizations, helped to support other universities in the area while cooperating with local businesses to develop new products.

Afterward the Josai delegation was treated to a tour of the university and attended an art exhibition that included works from Ms. Chiti, a future Josai exchange student. Lastly, they were shown the newly completed Japanese garden housed in the Nyíregyháza University herbary.


Nyíregyháza Vice President’s Presentation on the University

Nyíregyháza Vice President’s Presentation
on the University

Exhibition of Works from Nyíregyháza Students

Exhibition of Works from Nyíregyháza Students

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