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Josai Visits Semmelweis University for Pharmacological Exchange

On June 16, Sugibayashi Kenji and Iio Tadaki of Josai University visited the Hungarian medical school Semmelweis University to meet with the head of the Pharmacology department, Noszal Bela, regarding the prospect of academic exchange between the two universities.

An instructor in physical pharmacy, Prof. Noszal had one of his graduate students prepare a report in Prof. Sugibayashi’s field, which was then presented to the visitors upon their arrival. The sophisticated content of the Ph.D. student’s presentation caused the visitors to quickly recognize the high-level of education offered at this university.

In Hungary, the M.S. (Master of Sciences) degree is a five-year program concluding with an exam, which, if passed, allows one to work as a licensed pharmacist.

In talking with Prof. Noszal, the Josai group was able to receive a positive response regarding the potential of both a 1+1 joint masters degree and Ph.D. student exchange program with Josai. In addition, Prof. Noszal extended his welcome to any Josai students of pharmacology interested in visiting Semmelweis for 1-2 weeks.

Semmelweis University Head of Pharmacology Noszal Bela

Semmelweis University Head of Pharmacology Noszal Bela

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