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Josai Visits Eötvös Loránd University for Pharmacological Exchange

On June 17, a delegation from Josai met with officials from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) while Prof. Sugibayashi Kenji was given a tour of the new Biology department facilities by Professor of Plant Anatomy Boddi Bela. As Professor Boddi has the experience of working at the International Christian University in the 1980s, he feels a strong kinship with Japan.

During the tour, Prof. Sugibayashi was first shown the Mineral and Living Organism Pavilion where a great number of unusual minerals and animal fossils are on display. He learned that Prof. Boddi is also instructing students from Semmelweis University’s School of Pharmacology in natural products chemistry. Prof. Boddi also took a great interest in Josai’s herbary and various subjects of research, observing the potential of joint research in the areas of estimating skin permeability, medicinal plants, and glucose science.

Regarding the viability of an exchange program with Josai, Prof. Boddi noted the necessity of strong English language skills, but given that many of his graduate students speak English, he agreed to discuss the possibility of a 1+1 program with the university President and department heads.

ELTE Professor of Science Bela Boddi

ELTE Professor of Science Bela Boddi

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