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Josai’s Short Term Study Program Selected for JASSO’s Student Exchange Support Program

It was announced that Josai’s Short Term Study Program has been selected by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for participation in their Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short Term Study in Japan) for the 2011-12 academic year.

The goal of this program is to facilitate exchange between students and construction of inter-university networks, in an effort to further the internationalization of academic institutions. Students accepted into the program will receive a scholarship from JASSO, thereby reducing the financial burden to them.

The below seven JIU programs have been selected as candidates for the JASSO scholarship. As a multidisciplinary university, JIU offers a diverse array of international study programs.

Please consult JIU’s International Education Center website for the latest information on study abroad and other programs.

Svent Istvan University (Hungary) Special Exchange Program (SS&SV)
A student exchange program between Josai’s Faculty of Tourism and Hungary’s Svent Istvan University. During this one month program, students will receive language training and study the tourist industry in a hands-on way that focuses on putting knowledge into practice.
UCR/RCC JIU Media Studies Short Term Program (SS)
A program designed for students from the University of California-Riverside (UCR) and Riverside Community College (RCC). Students will study at JIU’s Faculty of Media Studies, working to increase their skills in information dissemination.
Language and Cultural Studies and International Communication Program (SV)
For students in JIU’s Faculty of International Humanities, this program aims to deepen students’ international understanding through field study and interaction with other students at universities in the USA, China, or Korea.
JIU Faculty of Media Studies UCR Study Program (SV)
For students enrolled in JIU’s Faculty of Media Studies. Participants will study at the University of California-Riverside with the goal of experiencing the globalized media industry.
UCR-JIU Pharmacy Internship Program 2012 (SV)
Students from JIU’s Pharmacology department will visit medical treatment facilities in the US to compare the US medical and pharmacology systems with those of Japan in the interest of developing an international perspective.
Summer/Winter Seminar at UCR/Camosun College (SV)
As an exchange student at either UCR or Camosun College (Canada), JIU students will receive English language training, get the chance to interact with other students on campus, and experience a home stay with a local family.
Dalian, Tianjin, Peking Overseas Study Program (SV)
For JIU Faculty of Tourism students. Through study at one of the above Chinese universities, students will examine the area’s tourist attractions as well as attempt to see Japan from the perspective of a Chinese tourist in an effort to deepen their understanding of the Chinese tourist industry.

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