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Tianjin Alumni Association Launched

A delegation from Josai and Josai International Universities, visiting Tianjin Foreign Studies University (President Xiu Gang) to participate in the 10th World Conference on Japanese Education, met with former Tianjin exchange students who studied at Josai to launch the Tianjin Alumni Association.

On August 20 at 10:00AM, Chancellor Mizuta along with faculty from both universities, gathered with Tianjin alumni (who are now busy working as university faculty, staff, or employees at health insurance or luxury hotels) at a nearby teahouse to rekindle old ties and exchange details about their current life and employment.

At the event’s conclusion, Tianjin Alumni Association badges were passed out with the promise to meet again at least once a year from now on.

Josai students at the Tianjin Alumni’s meeting

Josai students at the Tianjin Alumni’s meeting

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