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Tianjin Alumni Association Launched

On August 21, a JIU delegation led by Chancellor Mizuta visited Nankai University in Tianjin. Yang Qing Hai, the Director of Nankai’s Binhai Graduate School and Wang Jian Yi, the Chair of the Japanese program met with the delegation on campus. Representatives from both schools discussed the recent economic development in Tianjin, exchanging ideas regarding methods for fostering the human resources necessary for assisting its growth.

On the basis of their joint education and exchange program, the group agreed to expand the short-term research program and to develop the academic exchange between the two schools even further. This will include developing human resources in the environment and social welfare fields in response to Tianjin’s Ecocity Project and the growing senior citizen population.

Following the meeting, the delegation was guided on a tour of the campus by Prof. Wang Jian Yi and shown an exhibition of works by famous Chinese artist and Nankai professor Fan Zeng, including a portrait of former Prime Minister Zhou En Lai.

Meeting with Director Yang of Nankai’s Binhai School

Meeting with Director Yang of Nankai’s Binhai School

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