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Josai Visits Tianjin University of Technology

On August 21, a delegation from JIU led by Chancellor Mizuta paid a visit to Tianjin University of Technology. Founded in 1981 as a school under the direct jurisdiction of the Tianjin Board of Education, the Tianjin University of Technology is a multidisciplinary university of science and technology with departments in such fields as engineering, physical science, literature, law, and business administration. At present it possesses 14 graduate schools and four undergraduate schools with 38 different departments and 56 major fields.

With their joint education program, Tianjin has maintained a close relationship with JIU, sending both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Japanese to JIU to increase their Japanese and research skills.

Tianjin President, Vice President, and faculty and staff from the International Center and Foreign Languages Institute were on hand to greet the Josai delegation warmly, as if meeting old friends, despite this being JIU’s very first visit. After President Ma Jianbao introduced the goals of the Tianjin human resources program, Chancellor Mizuta gave her thanks for all the support JIU has received from their Chinese sister institutions following the Great East Japan Earthquake. She then explained the unique characteristics of JIU’s human resources program, revealing plans to, in accordance with Tianjin’s economic growth, expand exchange with the university by starting an environmental studies program and working to develop even more talented individuals with top-level foreign language skills.

Following the meeting, President Ma Jianbao gave the delegation a personal tour of the campus and the various educational facilities under construction.     Taking in the view of the campus, sparkling under the bright glare of the sun, representatives from both parties agreed to continue to push forward toward meeting the lofty expectations of this exchange program.

Souvenir Commemorating the JIU Visit

Souvenir Commemorating the JIU Visit

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