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Josai Forms Comprehensive Academic Exchange Agreement with Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology

On September 12, Josai Educational Corporation formed a comprehensive academic exchange agreement with the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology.

The Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (PJIIT) was founded in 1994 and has about 4,000 students enrolled. It’s a private university with five different departments in information science, new media art, information management, architecture, and Japanese culture. Upon its foundation, the Japanese government also pledged their cooperation with the Polish government toward helping to develop human resources in the areas of IT and computer science.

Having produced many talented individuals in the aforementioned fields, PJIIT is widely regarded as the top private university in Poland in media studies. PJIIT established its Japanese Culture department in 2007 and has been devoting much energy to strengthening its Japanese language and culture curriculum even further. They began exploring the possibility of an academic exchange with Josai, another university that emphasizes media studies and, after a formal introduction through the Polish embassy, the two schools were able to form a comprehensive academic exchange agreement on September 12, with Josai Educational Corp. Head of Management Namikawa meeting with PJIIT President Nowacki on behalf of Chancellor Mizuta.

On this trip to Warsaw, the Josai delegation also paid a visit to University of Warsaw’s Japanese language department where they met with officials regarding the possibility of a student exchange program for University of Warsaw students to strengthen their knowledge of Japanese language and culture and to spread awareness of Poland amongst Josai students.

This latest agreement makes Josai the leader in academic exchange with Poland among Japanese universities. It is our hope that in the future we can expand our exchange work to include other nations in Central Europe as well.

The home of the Japanese language department

The home of the Japanese language department

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