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U.S.─JAPAN WOMEN’S JOURNAL Number 40 has been published

This latest issue contains research papers on a wide range of topics, from studies of pre-War housewives to theories of physical representation in the works of contemporary female authors.


From Gothic Lolita to Radiant Shaman:
The Development of Mariko Mori’s Ethereal Personae
Allison Holland

Skin-Deep: The Body in Fiction by Kanehara Hitomi
and Hasegawa Junko
David Holloway

Down the Rabbit Hole: In Pursuit of Shōjo Alices,
from Lewis Carroll to Kanai Mieko
Mary A. Knighton

New Women to New Housewives:
Changing Discourses in Sinyŏsŏng, 1923–34
Ji-Eun Lee

“Don’t Let Geisha Steal Your Husband”:
The Reconstruction of the Housewife in Interwar Japan
Aiko Tanaka

The US-Japan Women’s Journal is an English language periodical that focuses on US-Japan relations from a global perspective, publishing papers that consider issues of women, men, family, labor, social problems, and culture to advance academic and information exchange in the field of gender studies. The journal is published biannually by Josai Educational Corporation’s International Center for the Promotion of Arts and Sciences (JICPAS). For more details on purchasing and back issues, please consult the JICPAS website at the URL below:

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