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“Founding Monument” Unveiled in Honor of JIU’s 20th Anniversary

On November 5, 2011, Josai International University held a ceremony to unveil a stone monument erected in honor of the 20th anniversary of the school’s foundation. Around fifty people attended the event, including Chancellor Mizuta, faculty and staff, and members of the alumni and parents’ associations.

This monument, in commemorating JIU’s 20th anniversary, serves as a tribute to the accomplishments of the school’s founder, Honorary Chancellor Mizuta Kiyoko, as well as a reaffirmation of all the aspirations she had for the university. The alumni donation of the commemorative monument along with a nameplate touting the founder’s achievements came with the pledge to continue to contribute to the university’s progress. The parental and alumni associations also provided their consent in the construction of this monument.

The monument, made of “tsukuba stone,” was erected alongside a large camphor tree that flanks the main entrance to campus and lists the founder and honorary chancellor Mizuta Kiyoko’s accomplishments to be communicated to future generations as well as words of thanks from university alumni.

Chancellor Mizuta Noriko gave a short speech during the opening of the 20th annual JIU festival that followed the ceremony. She said, “I would like to give thanks to the alumni association for proposing this idea, as well as the parents’ and alumni associations of both schools for their efforts in making this great monument a reality. It is my sincere hope that future generations of students from all over the world will cherish this monument for years to come. I’m deeply moved that this monument was able to be completed on the opening day of the school festival.”

The “founding monument” at the entrance to the Togane campus in Chiba

The “founding monument” at the entrance to the Togane campus in Chiba

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