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Josai Executive Program for Women’s Empowerment and Leadership (JEWEL) Opens Training Program in Dalian, China

As part of the commemoration to celebrate Josai’s 50th and JIU’s 20th anniversary, Josai has established the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership (JEWEL) Opens Training Program to begin this year in Dalian, China. This is a program designed for both working women and female undergraduate and graduate students from Josai and JIU, with the objective of increasing opportunities for participation in global society through the cultivation of communication skills and an international perspective. JEWEL has adopted women’s advancement, social mobility, and work-life balance as the main themes of this program.

This is a three-step program that begins with a month of orientation before travelling to the burgeoning city of Dalian for training, followed by student presentations on their personal growth once they return to Japan.
    The training session took place over the course of five days, from May 3rd to the 7th, in Dalian. The students participated in many activities over the five days including: attended seminars on youth and local culture led by local female entrepreneurs and municipal government executives and co-planned by members of the Dalian municipal government, Dalian Women’s League, and Dalian University of Technology; visits to the marketplace analysis bureau, center for cosmetic surgery, and supermarket; and studying the opinions of working women on Dalian politics, culture, and finance. In addition, participants traced modern Chinese-Japanese history by visiting several landmarks such as 203 Hill, the Lushun Museum, and the Manchurian Railway. Through this program, participants received a heartfelt welcome from the local Dalian government and successfully engaged in lively cross-cultural exchanges.

The presentations on personal growth took place on May 19th. This year’s participants came from a diverse range of backgrounds including journalism, law, education, and enterprise. Through this program, both students and professionals were able to transcend their individual positions to attain a common awareness of the issues of being a woman in contemporary society, producing a very productive exchange of ideas.

It is our hope that this program and the personal exchanges involved will contribute to the expansion of female participation in society.

Meeting with members of the Dalian municipal government

Meeting with members of the Dalian municipal government

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