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Dalian University of Technology Holds Ceremony for “Mukaibo Takashi Memorial” Murai Takashi Scholarship, “Mizuta Mikio Memorial” Mizuta Noriko Scholarship, Mizuta Mikio Memorial Book Donation

On May 28, 2012, a Josai delegation led by Chancellor Noriko Mizuta paid a visit to Dalian University of Technology.

That morning, following a meeting with Party Secretary and Chief Administrator Zhang De Xiang, the award ceremony—with Secretary Zhang and other Dalian faculty in attendance—for the “Mukaibo Takashi Memorial” Murai Takashi Scholarship and the “Mizuta Mikio Memorial” Mizuta Noriko Scholarship was held with 37 students awarded in all. Financial Management student He Ping, as spokesperson for this year’s fellowship class, gave a brief acceptance speech. “I’m extremely grateful to receive this award. My goal is to study as hard as possible to place myself in a position to make valuable contributions to society,” he said. We can indeed expect great things from these scholarship recipients, both Masters and PhD students who work in a wide variety of fields.

The ceremony continued with Josai Prof. Fukushima’s presentation of this year’s Mizuta Mikio Memorial Book Donation to Dalian’s Prof. Su Jing Qin. The collection already contains an assortment of books (645 titles in all) from the period of post-War economic recovery to rapid economic growth which Mikio Mizuta believed could be used to trace Japan’s economic development. This year’s donation (the 8th overall) collects government publications and white papers and Josai and JIU bulletins that focus on issues pertaining to Japanese technology, such as production and quality control, logistics, and supply chain management.

The Mizuta Mikio Memorial Book Donation ceremony

The Mizuta Mikio Memorial Book Donation ceremony

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