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Josai Donates Mizuta Sakura Trees to Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Last year, in conjunction with the festivities celebrating Party Secretary Liu Zhen Wan with an honorary doctoral degree, Josai was supposed to donate 200 Mizuta sakura sapling trees to Dalian University of Foreign Languages. This time, however, a delegation led by Chancellor Mizuta paid a visit to the DLUFL campus on May 29th for a tree planting ceremony donating 60 more of the sakura trees.

The trees were planted around a large pond located in the center of DLUFL’s 1.16 million square meter Lüshun campus. Chancellor Noriko Mizuta and Advisor Murai along with Secretary Liu and President Sun Yu Hua of DLUFL took part in the tree planting ceremony, extending their best wishes that the trees blossom to their fullest in the coming year. Beside the trees a nameplate had been placed bearing the words “Friendship Sakura,” as an acknowledgment of the Josai-DLUFL relationship. Under Secretary Liu’s direction, a small boat drifted across the surface of the pond, giving the impression that one was gazing at a beautiful landscape painting.

Planting the sakura saplings

Planting the sakura saplings

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