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University of Tennessee Students Participate in “Workshop on Japanese Cultural Tradition”

As a part of the JIU Summer program that ran May 12-31, 15 students from the University of Tennessee participated in the “Workshop on Japanese Tradition—Focusing on Tea Ceremony” held at Tokyo Kioicho Campus.

Under the direction of JIU International Education Center’s Yoshiko Plutschow (tea ceremony name: Söjun), the Tennessee students dawned Japanese traditional clothing to enjoy a taste of maccha (powedered green tea). The objective of this workshop is to allow students to experience aspects of traditional Japanese culture first-hand (such as flower arranging and traditional clothing) through the art of the tea ceremony.

The tea that the Tennessee students enjoyed was personally prepared by undergraduate and graduate students who were enrolled in the workshop last year. Seeing the exchange between the visiting Tennessee and Josai students, illustrated how Japanese traditional culture can serve as a fertile ground for meaningful international exchange.

The scene at the workshop

The scene at the workshop

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