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Josai Visits the University of Łódź, Forms Academic Exchange Agreement

On June 22, a delegation from Josai University Educational Corporation paid a visit to Poland’s University of Łódź.

This visit served as a continuation of the talks that took place between the two universities at Josai last May. The meeting this time with Vice-Dean Zofia Wysokiňska resulted in an academic exchange agreement. With Japanese language education as the central focus, this agreement aims to actively extend the scope of academic exchange between the two universities.

University of Łódź, one of Poland’s premier national institutions, was founded in 1945 and boasts an enrollment of 42,000 students. The university has actively expanded its international exchange and offers a Japanese language course in their International and Political Science department’s East Asian Studies Center.

That same day, the delegation also visited Warsaw University of Technology and were given a guided tour of campus by International Center Director Urszula Deblessem. Established in 1826, Warsaw University of Technology is widely known as the alma mater of Madame Curie and possesses a magnificent campus that blends both classical and contemporary elements. This visit to the Warsaw University of Technology was also actualized by the latter’s visit to Josai last May.

Signing of the academic exchange agreement

Signing of the academic exchange agreement

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