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Monuments Installed on Mineoka Forest Path for Mizuta Sakura, Advisor Murai Takashi’s Haiku

On July 11, two monuments were installed along Mineoka Forest Path in Kamogawa, Chiba memorializing Mizuta sakura and one of Advisor Murai Takashi’s haiku poems, respectively.

The Mizuta Sakura Monument commemorates Josai founder Mikio Mizuta’s project of 36 years ago when, in an attempt to contribute to the local community and beautify the Mineoka Forest Path, he planted 500 sakura trees which came to be fondly known as “Mizuta sakura.”

Then, in 2006, at the ardent request of the city of Kamogawa and with the establishment of JIU’s Faculty of Tourism, with the support of the local community Chancellor Mizuta launched the Mineoka Forest Sakura Restoration Project which includes the continued planting of sakura every year, sakura festivals, and, above all else, protection of the original grove of sakura planted by our founder at Mineoka. These festivities hope to communicate the love of sakura to the next generation, even attracting tourists from overseas.

With JIU’s 20th anniversary and now the monument commemorating the origin of Mizuta sakura, the hope is to highlight this accomplishment for the next generation. And, in hopes of making the lush natural surroundings of Mineoka Forest Path a place where poets can derive inspiration, a second monument with a haiku from Advisor Takashi Murai was also installed.

Hopefully Mineoka Forest Path will help to establish Kamogawa city as a major tourist destination to which many visitors will flock each year.

Advisor Murai studied under Josai founder Mikio Mizuta served as Minister of Finance for six consecutive terms and has played a tremendous role in making Japan both an economic superpower and a member of the international community. Advisor Murai is a lifetime contributor post-War Japanese diplomatic activity.

Advisor Murai has particularly deep ties with China, contributing much to the development of Japan-China relations. His great accomplishments have been acknowledged by his being named honorary citizens of China’s Dalian and Zhuhai.

The plaque bearing Advisor Murai’s poem reads: “Whatever path you take: Dalian Acacias”

This poem was inspired by the experience of walking Dalian’s streets and seeing acacias trees in every direction. The warmth of this poem particularly conveys Advisor Murai’s great love for the city of Dalian.

The Mizuta Sakura Monument along the Mineoka Forest Path

The Mizuta Sakura Monument along the Mineoka Forest Path

Josai Advisor Takashi Murai speaking before his haiku monument

Josai Advisor Takashi Murai speaking
before his haiku monument

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