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Josai Cofounds Post-Production Center with Nikkatsu

On September 10, Josai University Educational Corporation held a press conference announcing the construction of a new post-production facility (the Josai-Nikkatsu Post-Production Center) in cooperation with Nikkatsu Studios at Tokyo Kioicho Campus. The motivation behind this facility is to train the next generation of visual media specialists.

Josai and Nikkatsu first established a strategic partnership agreement in June 2010, and in April 2011 JIU added a cinematic arts course to their Media Studies department. With the cooperation of Nikkatsu Visual Arts Academy—an institution that has been producing talented individuals for 37 years—Josai’s goal is to foster the next generation of visionaries in the cinematic arts, while incorporating the latest in digital media technology.
    The establishment of this facility, which will open in July 2013, hopes to advance Josai’s plan even further. The center will be co-run by JIU’s Faculty of Media Studies and Nikkatsu and will be equipped with top-of-the-line professional post-production facilities.
    The center will have online and offline editing rooms and MA rooms, among other specialized areas. It will be used not only for the study of post-production but also by Nikkatsu’s post-production staff to edit the studio’s latest films. The fact that Josai media students will be able to study post-production at the same state-of-the-art facility as Nikkatsu professionals makes this a splendid opportunity to boost their practical knowledge of production methods.

Nikkatsu celebrated the 100th anniversary of their foundation on the same day as the press conference, which preceded the reception. At the press conference, Chancellor Mizuta said, “Last year Josai was fortunate enough to have parts of the Nikkatsu award-winning film “Youkame no semi” filmed on our campus. To our media studies students, many of whom aspire to enter the film industry, this was a great thrill. It is Josai’s intention to extend our alliances with other worldwide institutions known for their media studies programs, such as Communication University of China, the Beijing Film Academy, and the University of Southern California. The establishment of the Josai-Nikkatsu Post-Production Center will be a splendid opportunity for students as it will enable them to learn the most up-to-date methods of practical application on the grounds of their own university. In the 100 years of Nikkatsu’s existence, they have accumulated a truly prodigious number of films and knowledge regarding film. It is our hope that, by joining with Nikkatsu, we can help people realize their dreams in the next 100 years to come.”

With the foundation of the Post-Production Center and the deepening of their relationship with Nikkatsu Studios, Josai hopes to convey its dedication to the cultivation of expert knowledge and visual media studies within the interdisciplinary arts field known as “cinema.” In the process, Josai strives to enrich the Japanese content industry and produce talented visual media professionals who are able to participate at a global level.

Chancellor Mizuta and Nikkatsu President Sato at the press conference

Chancellor Mizuta and Nikkatsu President Sato at the press conference

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