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H.I.H. Princess Takamado Visits Josai for the Opening of the H.I.H. Princess Takamado Hisako Special Exhibition

On September 18, Josai University was honored by the presence of Princess Takamado at the opening ceremony for the Princess Takamado Hisako Special Exhibition, “Birds that Fly and Netsuke that Travel” to open September 19 at Josai University’s Mizuta Museum of Art.
    The Mizuta Museum of Art opened in December 2011 as part of the activities celebrating Josai’s 45th anniversary and in hopes of both furthering Josai education and research and contributing to the well being of local residents. This exhibition is yet another component of these commemorative activities.

Princess Takamado, being a birdwatching enthusiast, has captured the image of birds in the photos from her many birdwatching trips both domestic and international. As president of NGO BirdLife International and protector of endangered birds, her heart-warming photos often depict a variety of birds fighting to survive in an increasingly hostile environment.
    Princess Takamado is also a collector of netsuke and has even been recognized as a scholar in this field. The netsuke is a traditional handicraft that one hangs from the sash of their kimono for the purpose of carrying small items such as a pill box or cigarettes and involves fine craftsmanship to create. The “Netsuke that Travel” series consists of photographs that Princess Takamado took of netsuke in a variety of natural environments in both domestic and international locales.
    This exhibition collects 28 photos of birds and 23 netsuke, in addition to 69 actual netsuke selected from Princess Takamado’s personal collection.

Around 150 people—including locals, university employees, and media members—attended the opening held outside the museum’s main entrance.
    The ceremony kicked off with a greeting from Chancellor Noriko Mizuta who said, “It is with great honor that we at the Mizuta Museum of Art present the Princess Takamado Hisako Special Exhibition. It is our hope that through this exhibition, you sense Her Majesty’s desire to communicate the preciousness and beauty of life to future generations.
    And in connection with those sentiments, I hope that those fighting for environmental preservation, members of the community, students, and others from all walks of life will appreciate this exhibition. As for the netsuke photographs and exhibition, I believe visitors will discover a new-found charm in this traditional handicraft.”

The ceremony proceeded with Princess Takamado cutting the ribbon,followed by a guided tour of the exhibition led by Chancellor Mizuta.Afterward, a tree planting ceremony led by Princess Takamado was held outside the entrance to the museum.
    In conjunction with the exhibition, Princess Takamado held a special lecture titled, “The Charm of Netsuke—A Universe in the Palm of Your Hand” at the Seikou Kaikan later that afternoon. The hall was packed to capacity with students, who listened to the Princess’ speech with great interest.

The day’s festivities concluded in grand fashion with a reception for all the attendees held on the 1st floor of the Business Administration building.
     Following a few words from Princess Takamado, attendees were also treated to greetings from Ando Hiroyasu, Director of the Japan Foundation; Hungarian Ambassador Istvan SZERDAHELYI; and Ooki Takahito, Agency for Cultural Affairs Director of Cultural Affairs.

Josai intends to donate all the proceeds from this exhibition to environmental protection agencies.

Princess Takamado performs the ceremonial ribbon cutting

Princess Takamado performs the ceremonial ribbon cutting

A preview of the special exhibition

A preview of the special exhibition

The scene during the lecture 1

The scene during the lecture 2

The scene during the lecture

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