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Josai Attends Ceremony Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Dongseo University

On September 20, a Josai delegation led by Chancellor Noriko Mizuta was invited to attend a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of Dongseo University, located in Pusan, South Korea. Of the numerous universities worldwide with which Dongseo shares a sister relationship, only Josai, the USA’s Hope College, and China’s Wuhan University were fortunate enough to be invited to this event. Considering their long-standing policy of academic exchange with Dongseo, Josai was very thankful for this opportunity.

The 20th anniversary reception was a grand affair held at Dongseo’s newly constructed media studies building located in the heart of Pusan.
    The reception opened with university founder Chang Sungman giving a speech, followed by a video presentation reflecting on the 20 years of Dongseo. Current university president Chang Jekuk then gave a speech regarding his vision for the university’s future. The reception also included a welcome performance from Dongseo media studies students as well as an unveiling of the new university logo.

Chancellor Mizuta, who has worked closely with Dongseo University since its inception, expressed her praise and congratulations at the university’s splendid development.
    In the reception that followed, Dongseo gave commemorative gifts to Josai as an expression of their gratitude. Josai returned the favor by presenting Dongseo with a Morita Chieko woodblock print titled “Oborozuki” (or “Hazy Moon”), a piece associated with Mizuta sakura.

Dongseo University is a private Christian university founded in 1992 with an enrollment of 11,000 and 18 academic departments including economics, civil engineering, social welfare, tourism, digital content, design, sports, and others.

Since the signing of their academic exchange agreement in 1999, Josai and Dongseo have been highly active with a diverse range of joint programs such as study abroad, dual degree programs, summer seminars, and courses in regional culture. To this point, Josai and JIU have hosted over 300 Dongseo exchange students, while also sending Josai students to study at Dongseo.

The anniversary ceremony

The anniversary ceremony

Chancellor Mizuta accepts a memento from Dongseo president Chang Jekuk

Chancellor Mizuta accepts a memento
from Dongseo president Chang Jekuk

President Chang Jekuk's speech

President Chang Jekuk's speech

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