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Josai Agrees to Cooperative Alliance with Thailand-Japan Technology Promotion Association

On October 3, president of the Thailand-Japan Technology Promotion Association (TPA), Asst. Prof. Prayoon Shiowattana visited Josai University Educational Corporation and agreed to a cooperative alliance with Josai following a meeting with Chancellor Noriko Mizuta.

This agreement was formed as part of the industrial education and human resources program promoted by Josai Center for Innovation under the leadership of its director, Yukio Doi.

Established in 1973, the TPA is a charitable organization formed by former exchange students and researchers to Japan interested in the promotion and dissemination of Japanese technology in Thailand for the sake of economic development. Since its formation, the TPA has made many contributions to the field by leading seminars that teach Japanese technological know-how, held lectures on industrial analysis and Japanese linguistics, and introduced methods of production control. In addition, with the goal of developing a “Japanese Manufacturing University,” the TPA has the Thai-Nichi institute of technology (formed in 2007) as its sister organization.

Josai, as part of its Mid-term Target of strengthening international exchange to promote global human resources, has actively sought to form a variety of exchange agreements with various universities, particularly in Central Europe and other parts of Asia. During their meeting, President Prayoon Shiowattana and Chancellor Mizuta discussed their plans to develop faculty, researcher, and student exchange programs, language courses, and cultural exchange, in addition to joint research projects and the promotion of exchange between small and mid-size corporations of both countries.

With this alliance, we can expect the beginning of an exciting number of academic exchanges between Josai and institutions of higher learning in Thailand.

Chancellor Mizuta and President Prayoon make the alliance official

Chancellor Mizuta and President Prayoon make the alliance official

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