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Josai Forms Academic Exchange Agreement with Universiti Teknologi MARA

On October 25, Josai formed an academic exchange agreement with Malaysia’s Universiti Teknologi MARA.

A Josai delegation led by Chancellor Noriko Mizuta visited the aforementioned university in July, meeting with university Vice President Azni Zain Ahmed and administrators from international relations to discuss the possibility of student exchange, a joint double-degree program in tourism, collaborations in media studies, and other projects. With this academic exchange agreement, these plans have finally been actualized.

This particular agreement was formed in the interest of deepening academic exchange between the two universities and contains a variety of provisions including collaborative research and education in a number of fields, faculty exchange, undergraduate and graduate student exchange, and the sharing of information and research materials.
    This agreement can be thought of as a culmination of past cooperation between the two schools. Universiti of Teknologi MARA has devoted much energy to the development of their Japanese education program, soliciting support from JIU’s own Japanese language program for the purpose of designing their preparatory course for secondary-education graduates to study abroad in Japan. In addition, as the university boasts the largest tourism school in Malaysia, we can expect much collaboration in this academic field.

The Universiti of Teknologi MARA is a national university founded in 1956 as an institution of higher learning for the country’s ethnic Malay. The school has over twenty campuses and twenty-one affiliate universities and employs 17,000 faculty members, making it the largest university in the country.

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