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Josai Forms Agreement, Including Special Seminar, with Sumitomo Chemical for Cultural and Academic Exchange Program to Foster Sino-Japanese Relations

On December 4, Josai University Educational Corporation signed an agreement with Sumitomo Chemical for an academic and cultural exchange program, including a donated university course, in the interest of strengthening Sino-Japanese relations.

This agreement is a result of Josai’s work in establishing academic exchange agreements with numerous Chinese universities in the interest of fostering cultural and academic exchange and strengthening human resources for both nations as well as their devotion to promoting Sino-Japanese relations through business, two projects about which Sumitomo Chemical is equally passionate.

Josai, as part of its academic exchange with Chinese universities, has produced a great number of faculty members currently working at Chinese universities where they are engaged in the study of Japanese language, literature, culture, and society. In addition, with the goal of producing talented human resources who will serve as a link between China and Japan, Josai has expanded their educational project even further by establishing the Japan-China Joint PhD Program with sister schools Dalian University of Technology, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and Northeastern University.

As a part of their agreement with Sumitomo Chemical, arrangements will be made to add a special course on Japanese and East Asian culture to the Joint PhD Program with Dalian University of Technology. In addition, Sumitomo Chemical will give support in the form of foreign research and publishing stipends for those students scheduled to file their dissertation.

With this most recent agreement, Josai has moved one step further toward achieving their goal of creating industry alliances to build valuable human resources who can contribute to society at a global level.

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