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Professor Kenji Sugibayashi Receives Top Honor at 28th Annual Conference of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan

At this year’s conference for the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan held in Nagoya from May 23-25, Josai University and Josai International University Vice-President Kenji Sugibayashi received the top award and delivered an acceptance speech.

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology is an organization comprised of pharmacists, scholars, technicians, members of the industry and other individuals and groups concerned with pharmaceutical science and united by the common goals of gauging the progress and dissemination of pharmaceutical science while contributing to the continued progress of the technology and culture of the field. The award that Professor Sugibayashi received is the top honor at this particular conference, which celebrates the accomplishments of a single scholar who has made the most significant contributions to the development of the fields of manufacturing pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, technology, and medical treatment in Japan that year.

Professor Sugibayashi entitled his acceptance speech “Evaluation and Regulation of Percutaneous Absorption of Drugs.” Professor Sugibayashi’s work investigates the path that medicine applied to the skin takes to determine whether the medicine actually permeates the skin or not and, if so, to what extent it enters the skin and/or body of the patient. Based on Professor Sugibayashi’s research, we can expect the increased use of skin-applied medicine in the research and development of functional cosmetics.

At this very same conference, Professor Sugibayashi was given the award for Outstanding Thesis. This award is given by the academic journals Pharmaceutical Science and Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology: JDDST to one to two scholars annually for the sake of elevating research in the field. This marks the 4th time that Professor Sugibayashi has received both awards. This year, he was awarded for the paper “Prediction of Blood Concentration of Nicotine and Lidocaine after Application of Their Dermal Tapes in Human from the in Vitro Permeation through Yucatan Micropig Skin” which is a joint project with Hiroyuki Takeuchi of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Professor Sugibayashi (center) receives his award

Professor Sugibayashi (center) receives his award

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