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Tokyo Kioicho Campus Student Council Community Alliance Project—Students Participate to this Year’s Hie Shrine Festival and Carry Portable Shrines for the Hirakawacho 2nd Ward Town Council

24 students (21 from Josai International University and 3 from Josai University) participated to this year’s Hie Shrine Festival by carrying portable shrines (mikoshi) for the town council of Hirakawacho’s 2nd ward. The festival was held on Sunday, June 15, 2014, from 9AM to 4PM. This was organized as the inaugural activity of the Tokyo Kioicho Campus “Student Council,” a project whose mission is to strengthen student activities on and around campus. Their participation in the festival was made possible through the cooperation of the Josai Office of General Affairs who made an arrangement with the Hirakawacho 2nd ward town council beforehand.

The students, dawning the short coats (hanten) borrowed from the town council, channeled all their strength into lifting the portable shrine. Female students who were unable to lift the shrine contributed in other ways―supervising the children’s shine carrying and joining in the enthusiastic chant of “wasshoi” (heave-ho)!

Carrying the portable shrine for the Hirakawacho 2nd ward town council, the student council had three goals in mind―safety first, active participation, and encouraging community involvement through energetic greetings―all of which were accomplished to great effect. Seeing how this activity both contributed to the growth of the participating students and laid the foundation for a relationship with the Hirakawacho community, we have high hopes for the future success of this program.

Carrying the Hirakawacho 2nd ward shrine

Carrying the Hirakawacho 2nd ward shrine 1

Carrying the Hirakawacho 2nd ward shrine 2

Carrying the Hirakawacho 2nd ward shrine 3

Carrying the Hirakawacho 2nd ward shrine 4

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