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Japan Sweden Society Holds Annual Dinner Party

On November 25, 2014, the Japan Sweden Society, of which Josai University Educational Corporation Chancellor Noriko Mizuta acts as President (and His Imperial Highness Prince Masahito Hitachi as honorary Prime Minister), held its annual diner party at the Hotel Okura Tokyo, located in the Toranomon area of Tokyo’s Minato ward.

The reception began with introductory remarks from Chancellor Mizuta, who was recently named president of the society in February of this year. “This year marks the first time in six years that three Japanese have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, a fact that is a great honor for the Japan Sweden Society as well,” she said. She then paid tribute to Seiko Holdings Corporation Honorary President Reijiro Hattori, who served as Japan Sweden Society President for twenty-five years before passing away in January 2013. Chancellor Mizuta touched on his many accomplishments, presenting a token of appreciation to his widow, Etsuko. Chancellor Mizuta closed her remarks by vowing to do her best as new President for the development of the Japan Sweden Society.

Society President Mizuta gives introductory remarks with Swedish Ambassador Robach and his wife seated in the foreground

Society President Mizuta gives introductory remarks with
Swedish Ambassador Robach and his wife seated in the foreground

Honorary President of the Japan Sweden Society and new Swedish Ambassador Magnus Robach followed with a speech. “2018 marks 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Sweden, a fact that should be celebrated. Under the supervision of our new president, I believe we will play a strong and vital role as an organization,” he said. This was followed by a speech from winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Physics, Executive Director of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science’s Research Center for Science Systems, and honorary Japan Sweden Society member, Makoto Kobayashi, and a toast.

Ambassador Robach during his speech

Ambassador Robach during his speech

Dr. Makoto Kobayashi gives his speech

Dr. Makoto Kobayashi gives his speech

Former Japan Business Federation President and current Advisor to Sumitomo Chemical, Hiromasa Yonekura; MEXT Director Yutaka Tokiwa; and Mainichi Newspapers President Yutaka Asahina counted among the roughly eighty attendees who engaged in friendly conversation during the reception.

The Japan Sweden Society was founded in 1929 with the goal of “Extending friendship and promoting cultural and economic growth between the two nations.” As of late November 2014, the society counts 19 honorary members, 73 individual members (13 Swedish and 60 Japanese), and 33 corporate members. Aside from the annual meeting, the Japan Sweden Society, also hosts regular get-togethers and receptions to welcome distinguished guests from Sweden visiting Japan. Their main office is located on the Josai University Educational Corporation campus.

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