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Chancellor Mizuta Receives Honor from Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On February 10, 2015, Chancellor Noriko Mizuta received an honor from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This honor was given to recognize Josai International University’s broad range of contributions to the accounting and finance fields and their support of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including their work in organizing the 1st-10th High School Accounting Competitions and their advanced studies of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which the Japanese industry hopes to incorporate into their system in the near future.
  To pay homage to Josai International University’s consistent excellence of foresight and corresponding educational ideals, from their founding to the present day, and to thank Chancellor Mizuta for her leadership, the JCCI chose to award her this honor.

With this award, Josai intends to make even more contributions to the field while continuing to cultivate student abilities.

“What is the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry?”

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an organization created by and for the people working in the commercial and industrial fields with deep historical roots tracing back to Marseille, France in 1599 when the first such organization was formed. At present, as stipulated by JCCI law, there are 514 local CCI offices and more than 1.26 million members across Japan. The JCCI represents the local chambers by presenting their suggestions to the government and other bodies and helping to implement them. And while JCCI’s undertakings span a wide range from individual policy proposals and the strengthening of small and mid-range businesses to the revitalization of local communities, its primary goal is to foster human resources, which it does through its qualifying examination and other programs.

Chancellor Mizuta displays her award from the JCCI

Chancellor Mizuta displays her award from the JCCI

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