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Josai Holds Ceremony for JMBA Scholarship

On May 12, 2015, Josai University held the ceremony at the 1st building of the Tokyo Kioicho Campus to award this year’s recipients of the Josai University JMBA Scholarship, an award given by the Faculty of Management and Economics of Dalian University of Technology, with whom Josai University shares an exchange agreement, to outstanding MBA students.

This year’s scholarship recipients include Cheng Danyan, Zheng Fangrui, Wu Hui, and Liu Nan, all of whom are entering graduate school after graduating from college and working in the industry. After the award ceremony, Chancellor Noriko Mizuta made a brief speach. “Many people were involved in making the JMBA scholarship with sister school Dalian University of Technology possible. It is my hope that the recipients of this scholarship will not forget the value of cooperation and work together with their mentors to blaze trails for those who come after them. I also hope that you will become exceptional business professionals who make valuable contributions to society,” she said. President Yasunori Morimoto then gave a few words, saying, “Please utilize your year here at Josai University to study hard and extend your skills toward working in the global marketplace. I hope that all of you will form strong bridges for the future of Japan-China relations.”

Zheng Fangrui thanked the organizers on behalf of this year’s scholarship class, saying, “In the month and a half I’ve been at Josai University, I’ve been lucky enough to receive detailed guidance from faculty, study with Japanese friends, hang out in the city, and generally enjoy life as an exchange student. I feel that after a year in this program, as a graduate of Josai University, I will have the confidence to work and succeed anywhere I go.”

Josai University formed an academic exchange agreement with the Dalian University of Technology in 2007. The JMBA program was launched in 2009, which has awarded 27 international MBA students to date.

A commemorative photo with the four scholarship recipients

A commemorative photo with the four scholarship recipients

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