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Fujino Yozo takes office as President of Josai University

Josai University Education Corporation has appointed Yozo Fujino as the new President of Josai University at the Board of Directors' meeting on February 27, 2020, following the expiration of the term of Professor Akira Shirahata, who has served as President since September 2016. The term of new Presidents’ office is from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022

President’s profile

Name:Yozo Fujino
Birth date:September 27, 1949
Major Research Interests Wind effects on structures, Bridge aerodynamics, Dynamics, Nonlinear structural dynamics, Control and monitoring of bridges, Cable dynamics, Earthquake effects on structures, Bridge loading analysis, Reliability-based design, Bridge structures and bridge design, Bridge management.

Professional Preparation

University of Tokyo, Department of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering. (1972 April)
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Civil Engineering, MA of Engineering. (1974 March)
University of Waterloo, Graduate School of Civil Engineering, Ph. D. (1976 September)

Present Occupation

Distinguished Professor, Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama National Univeristy,
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo


Docotor of Philosophy (University of Waterloo, 1976)
Registered Professional Engineer in Japan (since 1998)
Executive Civil Engineer, JSCE (since 2001)

Teaching / Research Experience

University of Waterloo (Department of Civil Engineering) Postdoctoral Fellow 1976-1977
University of Tokyo (Earthquake Research Institute) Research Associate 1977-1978
University of Tsukuba (Department of Structural Engineering) Research Associate 1978-1979
Assistant Professor 1979-1982
University of Tokyo (Department of Civil Engineering) Associate Professor 1982-1990
Professor 1990-2014
Yokohama National University (Inst. of Advanced Sciences) Distinguished Professor


Asian Institute of Technology (Structutral Eng. Divison) Visiting Associate Professor 1988
University of Notre Dame (Dept. of Civil Engineering) Melchor Chair Visiting Professor
1997 fall
Southeast University (Department of Civil Engineering) Guest Professor 2013 – present
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Distinguished Chair Professor
January 2019-present

Governmental Appointments

Science Adiviser, Minitry of Education, Sicence and Technology, Japan 2002-2004
Member of Japan Science Coucil, 2004-2008
Senior Program Officer (in charge of Engineering Division), Science Systems Research Center, Japan
Society of the Promotion of Science (JSPS), 2009–2012
Program Officer of Leading Graduate Program, JSPS, 2013–2019
Program Director (Policy adviser), Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office,
Japanese Government, 2013- present (in charge of Strategic Innovation Program “Infrastructure
Maintence, Innnovation and Management Technology” (total budget $150 million (USD), 2013-2019)

Selected publications

Vice- President, International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (2005-2013)
Chair, Association of East Asia-Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction (2006-2010)
President, International Association of Structural Control and Monitoring (2008-2012)
President of Asia-Pacific Network of Centers for Research in Smart Structure Technology (2010-2015)

Selected international academic activities/services

Recent developments of cable-supported bridges, Elsevier, 1991 (editing)
Management of Urban Stock, Springer, 2008 (compilation)
Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring, Vol.1-5, Wiley, 2009 (compilation)
Wind resistant design of bridges –Developments and practice in Japan, Springer 2012 (co-author)
Review panel member for Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Korean Advanced
Institute of Technology (KAIST) (2010)
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Design Support Project Representative (2013-2018)
Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction Evaluation Committee member (2014- )
Panel Expert of Advisory committee on JICA Feasibility Study of Padma Bridge, Bangladesh (2014- )
Editorial Board of International Journal, Board member of 17 overseas magazines

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations 13611 h-index 62 (2020.2.27 to present)

Overseas activities/services

Academic officer to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Science Council of Japan member, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Senior Research Fellow, Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office・SIP Program director, Chairman of 100-year Anniversary Events of Japan Society of Civil Engineering, Chairman of Japan Association of Wind Engineering, Chairman of Japan Society of Steel Construction


Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan (2007)
85th Hoko Award Seiko Hoko Foundation (2015)
Japan Academy Prize (2019)
American Society of Civil Engineers, Raymond C. Reese Research Prize (2007)
American Society of Civil Engineers, R. H. Scanlan Medal (2011)
International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety, T.Y. Lin Medal (2012)
East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering & Construction, Nishino Medal (2013)
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering Award (2014), honorary member (2017)
American Society of Civil Engineers, George Winter Award (2015)
ISHMII, Aftab Mufti Medal (2019)
American Society of Civil Engineers, Moisseiff Award (2020)

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